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Out of the options available for tooth replacement, dental implants are considered the best. The results of dental implant treatment extend beyond those seen with other methods, such as dental bridges or full dentures. We are pleased to see our patients through every phase of tooth replacement, from consultation to the placement of implants and follow up after final restorations have been completed under on roof.

A dental implant looks like a very small post. It takes the place of the missing root. Implants are placed in the jawbone with minor surgery performed under local anesthesia. Patients find their treatment comfortable and are often able to return to normal activities the day following implant placement. After the initial procedure, implants will stabilize within the jawbone in the process of osseointegration. The fully stabilized implant or implants can then be restored with lifelike crowns or a dental bridge.

Options for implant treatment

Implants are used in a number of ways today, including:

  • Single-tooth replacement. The loss of even one tooth can be significant. By inserting one small post into the jawbone, we can then affix a dental crown to fill the empty space. A single implant makes an excellent choice for tooth replacement because this method avoids the need to alter healthy teeth to support a bridge. The stabilization that comes from the implant restores the look and feel of the natural structure.
  • Multiple-teeth replacement. Implants are solitary posts. However, you do not need one implant post for every tooth you want to replace. When a number of adjacent teeth are missing, we can insert two or more implants to support a fixed bridge. This method preserves natural teeth while supporting optimal function.
  • Denture support. A traditional denture sits on the gums. This model can slide, causing discomfort. In some cases, an ill-fitting denture may fall out during a meal or conversation. The full-arch denture can be affixed to as few as two dental implants. The stability gained improves chewing function, comfort, and a sense of confidence.
  • We now have metal-free zirconia implants, which may be used if there is concern about titanium (metal) implants.

There are several reasons to ask if dental implants are right for you. Learn the answer to that question when you visit Maine Center for Dental Medicine.

Zirconia Implants Procedure

Zirconia Implants Procedure