Ozone Dentistry, Ozone Dentistry

Ozone Dentistry

Drs. Imam and Khan of the Maine Center for Dental Medicine are dedicated to providing mercury free, biological dentistry solutions to patients in and around the area of Skowhegan, Maine. Their facility is equipped with some of the most advanced equipment and treatment options, including ozone therapy.

What is ozone?

When patients think of ozone, they think of the air. They are aware of the ozone layer and how it is being destroyed with today’s levels of air pollution. However, this naturally occurring gas is used throughout the world in a variety of ways. Ozone is used for sterilizing public water systems, cleaning fruits and vegetables that we eat, and can purify spa baths and swimming pools. The medical community uses ozone to facilitate faster healing times following surgeries and for the treatment of a wide range of diseases. When patients visit the dentist, they may request ozone therapy with many of their procedures to ensure healing is speedy and natural.

Who offers ozone dentistry?

The team of the Maine Center for Dental Medicine is excited to integrate ozone therapy into dental surgeries for the benefit of the patient.

Interested in ozone dentistry?

A biological dentist such as Dr. Imam or Dr. Khan can provide treatments while incorporating ozone for faster, more natural healing. When patients are ready to discuss options such as ozone dentistry with a professional, they are encouraged to visit the Maine Center for Dental Medicine. Our facility has some of the most experienced staff available for quality care and attention. Contact our practice at (207) 808-7355 to schedule a consultation appointment or visit us at 59 Pleasant Street. Skowhegan, Maine patients and those living in the surrounding communities are welcome to work with our team of professionals to enjoy comprehensive dental care solutions for their smiles.