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Biocompatibility Testing

Biocompatibility is an important component to successful dental care. Our team recognizes the fact that we are all different and each person’s needs may be best met with certain materials. Due to the potential for allergies or other adverse reactions, biocompatibility testing is a valuable tool in designing a personal dental care plan.

To be biocompatible, a material should have qualities that allow it to be in the human body without negative reactions. An example of biocompatibility, or the lack thereof, is dental amalgam. This standard filling material has been widely used for more than 100 years. Over time, this material may cause cracks or fractures in teeth that require further repair.

Biocompatibility considers how well a material fills its intended purpose as well as the way it affects surrounding tissues and the body. Dissimilar metals, for instance, can react with one another, causing a galvanic response. Certain materials may create inflammation in some people or allergic responses in others. Because dental restorations are in the mouth at all times, there is immense benefit to understanding how a material may affect you.

You may request a biocompatibility testing kit to be given to you if this is a concern for you. This convenient process gives us the detailed insight we need to choose restorative materials best suited to each individual patient.

At Maine Center for Dental Medicine, we see the value in customized dental care. The better we meet your functional and aesthetic needs, the more health and confidence are promoted. Biocompatibility testing is one of the many ways we strive for excellence in dentistry.

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