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Root Canals

For decades, root canal therapy has been one of the most common general dentistry treatments for infection. The efficacy of the endodontic procedure has been debated for the past several years. We understand the reasons patients and dental professionals may question root canal therapy. Traditional methodology can fall short of the intended purpose of the root canal procedure.

Beneath the teeth and gums are the roots that tether teeth to underlying bone. Still deeper are the dentinal tubules that spread out from roots into other areas of the mouth. Miles of these tiny accessory canals exist, which means there is a great chance that infection from a tooth root can cause lasting damage.

Traditional root canal therapy is performed on a localized area. In theory, the removal of all material within the pulp chamber nerves, blood vessels and other tissues should eliminate the infection. When the canal is cleaned and sealed, no further problems should occur. However, research has shown that bacteria are not so easily eradicated with endodontic therapy.

The problem with the traditional method is that it lacks consideration for dentinal tubules. Because these secondary canals are so small and expansive, they cannot be adequately sterilized with a liquid solution.

We are not of the mindset that root canal therapy is entirely good nor entirely bad. Studies demonstrate that the procedure can be efficient when performed in a manner that addresses the tubules. In our practice, root canals are performed with the inclusion of ozone therapy, helping us achieve optimal results.

Ozone is a natural element, a derivative of oxygen that has no adverse effects in the body. Ozone has been extensively studied and was found to be a powerful antimicrobial agent, which makes it ideal for the immediate destruction of harmful oral bacteria.

Using high-tech diagnostic imaging, we are able to accurately see internal tooth structures. We can then apply ozone in water and in gas form, efficiently reaching all areas where bacteria may hide. Over time, ozone is able to permeate tubules, wiping out bacteria and significantly improving the outcome of treatment.

Root canal therapy is not right for every instance of infection. When you visit our practice, you will benefit from conservative care. Call to schedule your visit today.