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General Dentistry

We enjoy working with patients of all ages at Maine Center for Dental Medicine, and we encourage you to visit us before you have a dental problem. When routine dental care is not obtained, you miss a great opportunity to prevent the pain and expense of conditions like cavities, infection, and gum disease.

General dental services focus on prevention based on your unique needs. We may request that you visit more or less often than another patient, but this is done to optimize your oral health. Most people see us two to three times a year for an examination and cleaning. This timing allows us to detect problems before they can cause extensive damage. Routine care also keeps your smile looking nice.

Dental care at Maine Center for Dental Medicine begins very early! We encourage our patients to bring their infants with them to their own visits. This practice starts the familiarization process right away and makes it much easier for a child for his or her own dental care. Just when that time is will vary from one child to another.

Our team performs what we call knee-to-knee appointments with parents and their babies. This method takes an unobtrusive approach that feels positive to parent and child. During a knee-to-knee appointment, the infant lies on Mom or Dad’s lap. The dentist or hygienist sits facing the parent. This allows a clear view of baby’s mouth.

How do we see what we want to see in your baby’s mouth? We make him or her smile, of course! We have seen the immense benefit of our considerate approach to early dental care pay off for the children who visit our practice early and often. From such a beginning, dentistry continues to develop as a positive aspect of health care.

From children to teens to adults and seniors, we provide care to meet the needs of each patient. We offer routine cleanings, periodontal therapy, functional orthodontics and Invisalign, and a variety of cosmetic services. We also offer tooth replacement with dentures and dental implants.

For many years, dentures have been a viable solution for edentulous adults. When natural teeth have failed or fallen out, a well-made denture can restore confidence and chewing ability. Today, patients have the option of stabilizing dentures with a few dental implants.

Whatever your dental needs, we address them with compassion and the intent of longevity. Contact our office today to schedule your checkup and cleaning.