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Non-Surgical Periodontics

Tooth loss is something that has largely been associated with age. With good care, however, it is possible to keep all of your natural teeth for your lifetime. One way that we assist you in protecting your teeth is to help you avoid periodontal disease.

The progressive infection of periodontal disease stems from bacteria that hide in plaque and tartar. Because this biofilm is colorless, its presence is difficult to confirm outside of the dental examination. Subtle signs like persistent bad breath and bleeding when you brush are telling you it’s time to see your dentist.

Many people who brush and floss daily, however, also struggle against oral bacteria and periodontal infection. In addition to genetics, there are factors like diet and the natural oral environment to consider when assessing risk.

The danger of gum disease

At the Maine Center for Dental Medicine, we take a multi-faceted approach to the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease. We do this because we understand the negative effect gum disease can have on teeth and general wellness. The presence of unhealthy bacteria weakens gum tissue around teeth, which leads to periodontal pockets. In the space created between teeth and gums, bacteria accumulate. This causes bone tissue to break down over time. Eventually, this degeneration can cause tooth loss. Research also demonstrates that the pathogens that cause inflammation and infection in the mouth can move elsewhere in the body. Studies have linked periodontal disease to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke and more.

Biologic care for Gum Infections

Periodontal therapy begins with a comprehensive evaluation and history. We look at the teeth and gums, and perform specific testing to measure bacterial count. When we know the amount and type of bacteria in the mouth, we can plan treatment to achieve optimal results.

Non-surgical periodontal therapy involves quadrant scaling, a hygiene procedure that removes plaque and tartar from tooth and root surfaces. Our experienced staff will also recommend antimicrobial products to use during routine hygiene. Antimicrobial agents destroy the bacteria that naturally colonize in the mouth.Additionally, our staff nutritionist can assess needs and formulate a regimen of natural supplements designed to support the immune system while strengthening gum tissue.

It is not always possible to avoid gum surgery. However, with prompt intervention, your chances of avoiding advanced oral disease are greatly improved.

We are here to assist you in maintaining oral health. Contact our office today for your consultation and examination.

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