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Biologic Dentistry

We believe in practicing dentistry in a way that not only promotes healthy teeth and gums, but overall health. By using the appropriate materials and techniques, we assist patients in the care of their mouths so they are less likely to experience the negative effects of oral disease.

One of the major aspects of biologic dental care is the absence of amalgam in restorative care. While we prefer to help patients avoid problems such as cavities, we provide restorations that will last many years and will be kind to the body. Amalgam has existed for well over a century. This substance is of concern because it contains mercury, a natural element that has been identified for its toxic effects. We do not place amalgam fillings! In addition, our doctors strictly follow the protocol of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology when removing amalgam fillings.

For details on the removal process, click here or contact our office at (207) 474-9503.

Dental Amalgam Recommendations - Skowhegan, Maine

Fluoride free dentistry

Fluoride is not something we recommend. Years ago, it was thought that this product could protect tooth enamel. Research suggests that this is not the case. Rather than rely on an antiquated treatment, we take a proactive approach to prevention. We have alternatives to the use of fluoride, such as xylitol, ozone, and nutrition counseling.

Nutritional counseling

Nutritional counseling is a vital component to our biologic dentistry philosophy. Foods and beverages either promote oral and systemic health or they inhibit optimal wellness. Most people are aware of this, but they may not understand the complex issues related to diet. Our nutritionist works with patients to develop insights and goals to form a personalized program to help attain and maintain a healthy mouth. We are pleased to offer patients the nutritional support they need to maximize the benefits of biologic dental care in our Skowhegan office.

The care we offer you and your family is centered on health and wellness. To arrange an appointment with our experienced team, call (207) 474-9503.

We use Mercury - Free protocols , established by the IAOMT