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Feb 08

Obstructive sleep apnea is a condition that stops you from getting the sleep you need to maintain good health and well-being. There are treatment options for sleep apnea that will correct the problem and help you receive the sleep you need to live your best possible life. A visit to your local dentist in Skowhegan, […]

Oct 10

A good night’s sleep is important. Getting enough sleep is integral to overall health, can lower stress, and can allow you to be more effective during the day. Many people are going through their day without the sleep they need, and in some cases, the reason can be because of a disorder such as sleep […]

Sep 19

Drs. Imam and Khan in Skowhegan, ME offer dental appliances for patients who suffer from sleep apnea. As a disorder that affects over 22 million Americans, many patients wonder what causes sleep apnea and what treatment options are available. What is sleep apnea? An individual who has pauses in breathing while asleep may have sleep […]

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