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Oct 05

Periodontal disease affects millions of people every year. It is prevalent in people of all ages and, if caught early, is easily reversible. However, periodontal disease can require extensive dental work to correct if left untreated. Dr’s. Mohammed Imam, Shafiulla Khan, and the team at Maine Center for Dental Medicine in Skowhegan, Maine, provide non-surgical […]

Apr 03

Drs. Mohammed Imam and Shafiulla Khan of the Maine Center for Dental Medicine are biologic dentists who work alongside patients to provide the best possible care for their unique needs. Our team is focused on offering mercury safe, biological dentistry, including non-surgical gum disease treatment. Understanding the benefits of non-surgical periodontal therapy is the first […]

Oct 06

Periodontal disease is common among adults. Early diagnosis and treatment are important to prevent the condition from worsening. Drs. Mohammed Imam and Shafiulla Khan of Maine Center for Dental Medicine in Skowhegan, Maine put their patients’ health first using conservative, biologic dentistry practices. For gum disease, the team offers non-surgical periodontal therapy. Non-surgical quadrant scaling […]

Jun 12

The Maine Center for Dental Medicine combines nutritional and periodontal therapy with advanced technologies to prevent, diagnose, and treat a significant threat to your overall health: periodontal disease. Periodontics for your health and beauty Periodontics is focused on the health of the structures that support your teeth. Periodontics is derived from periodontium, the scientific term […]

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